Closing this blog down and relocating to facebook.
It's just so much easier.

I've switched horses mid race.
Not sure you're allowed to do that.
But the web is still a wild thing.
So I've done it.
would love it if you could still follow me.


a friend took some pictures

Keo Lin a photographer stall holder from 
Rose Street Market kindly came round 
and took some photos of my work in situ.

I think his shots beautifully reflect 
the intimacy of the works.
Thanks Keo


Want to see more of his work?



it's been a long time.

I've had a lot to say the past six months 
but really you don't want to hear  any of it,
With a world screaming at you from all corners,
 listen to me, look at me, buy me, press me, 
what we probably need is silence. 
So I've been doing silent blog pages. 
I think it's been doing the trick because 
I've been getting silence back. 

But now the long silence is broken.

I'm going to Adelaide for a few days next week-end
 to sell my stuff as part of the Bowerbird Bazaar
If you're in Adelaide you should come. 
There's me and 99 other stalls selling mostly hand-made
 and original stuff and delicious wholesome food.

oh and they have pie floaters in Adelaide too.
see you there.
or not.


I found this heartbreakingly beautiful

Everything is Incredible from Tyler Bastian on Vimeo.

Orphfund charity auction big time fun night out

Orphfund is a fantastic micro-charity. 
100% of donations go toward their projects, 
none of the money is used for admin. 

This is possible because they are completely volunteer based 
and use tax benefits to fund their admin. costs. 
They are a very impressive organisation, 
you can read more about them on their site.

Every year they hold an auction at the 
Rose Street Market to raise funds, 
and I've played auctioneer for the last 3 years.

It's a fun night with amazing bargains.

This year the auction will be used to raise funds 
to build a school in Sierra Leone 
(for just $14,000), 
an orphanage in Uganda (for just$4,000) 
and an upgrade to toilet/shower facilities 
for their Children's Village in Kenya (again just $4,000).

Come along.
Bring money!
Bring friends!
Bring friends with money!!

and celebrate life!!!

Man in the hole

I've been happily working 
on this new series of tins
They give an aerial view 
which has opened up 
a whole lot of possibilities

large tin detail

more soon

to be happy to be lost

I'm pretty overwhelmed by this.

To be happy, to be lost. from Jeremy Beasley on Vimeo.

Many thanks to jeremy, he's made a really beautiful thing here.


Of late I've really been seeing how much
 I value the small community of family, friends, 
makers and rose street market folk
 that I orbit around with. 

Bring on the village.


I've always liked that 
Patti Smith song "Space Monkey".
and especially that line
"space monkey sign of the time, time"
though I've really got no idea
what the lyrics might mean.

But it's Patti Smith and it's wild
and punk and cool.

So to honour Patti Smith
the unofficial Space Monkey badge is
on special this week-end.

$6 plus $2 for postage



this very cool and talented photographer 
moseyed past my stall at the 
last week-end 
and took some great pictures. 

He's posted them on his Flickr site.