Now I've done it

It's taken me a while. I've been humming and haa-ing in the wings.
But now I've done it.
Put my foot well and truly into the world of internet commerce.
New World Cyber Market
I'm trying it out.
The irony of selling wooden postcards through the internet
was just too much to refuse.
Go forth and click.

Here's Hoping

I've made a couple of these.
They're made from recycled marine ply, acrylic paints,
and found object.
They measure about 30cm by 15cm.
They sit flush and sweet against the wall
or just sit on a bench or sill.

Was it listening to all this stuff about qantas's recent problems
that informed the making of these?
or was it this whole sub-prime market US debacle
and oil prices crashing through the roof?

Just a mix I reckon and a desire to return to the world
where the piggy bank was a reality, and money was a real thing.


Personalize your money collecting now!
Leave this money magnet around and see how it works!
Take it over to a friends place, casually saying,
'hey look at this cool thing'
and prop it on the table to do it's thing.
See your friends and foes palms itch with a desire to experience that drop of the coin into the slot.
Everyone wants to hear the sound it makes as it lands.

They say money begets money.
Now's your chance to purchase this original old world new world money making machine.

totally unique

everyone wants to be unique.
everyone wants everyone else to know that they are unique.
everyone is unique.
but sometimes others don't see that.

everyone is buying these unique badges/pieces now.

make it clear.
be unique.
buy something everyone else has.
be unique.
join the club.
be seen to be unique.

Spot the Artist

photo courtesy Warren Kirk

The Item of the Week.

This utterly unique bradge ( badge/brooch) offers an aesthetic charm married with a practical functionality.
Perfect for travelling, it engenders friendly curiosity and never leaves you short of something to write with.
Perfect for celebrities in that autographing throng.
Perfect for amending the shopping list or taking down tips at the track.

It is fitted with the 'sturdy dual support system TM', weighs not much more than a pencil and measures 15x4.5cm

(rear view)

This item is a unique handcrafted one-off and comes complete with the pencil, or alternatively this pencil is a unique rare found object that comes complete with it's own handy support and presentation system.