Museum guards

A side benefit of sitting around chatting to folk is what you pick up.
I learnt today that there are free tours of the NGV and Potter Gallery at Fed square.
How good is that?

I've also heard that the guards are extremely good.

Mine haven't moved for a while, but I'm not worried yet.

A bold fundraising attempt

New hanging system

Hard rubbish rained down numerous wooden venetian style blinds for a while there, so I've recycled those to create this unpatented* hanging system.

Sadly in this suburb there is no longer hard rubbish en masse. It's a big deterrent for those who love to collect and rework the goods of others but in another sense it does value rubbish more. Keep on valuing it and it no longer is rubbish. Which can only be a good thing.

Now that I've fully explained that, check out the works hanging.

finally some news

I've been puddling and scratching for a bit now and there's enough interest to open the shop and studio for people to see and buy the works. So every Saturday from 10-2pm I'll sit there and man the works, maybe share tea and chat. Come by if you're in Melbourne. Come by if you're not.

The studio is right next door to a thrifty link hardware store and just on the bend where Queens Parade becomes Smith Street. It is surprising how tricky it is to actually find. Good luck.