to be happy to be lost

I'm pretty overwhelmed by this.

To be happy, to be lost. from Jeremy Beasley on Vimeo.

Many thanks to jeremy, he's made a really beautiful thing here.


Of late I've really been seeing how much
 I value the small community of family, friends, 
makers and rose street market folk
 that I orbit around with. 

Bring on the village.


I've always liked that 
Patti Smith song "Space Monkey".
and especially that line
"space monkey sign of the time, time"
though I've really got no idea
what the lyrics might mean.

But it's Patti Smith and it's wild
and punk and cool.

So to honour Patti Smith
the unofficial Space Monkey badge is
on special this week-end.

$6 plus $2 for postage



this very cool and talented photographer 
moseyed past my stall at the 
last week-end 
and took some great pictures. 

He's posted them on his Flickr site.


Original badge
hand painted  on reclaimed timber.

Feel like you need to let the world in on a secret?
This is your chance!

Personally I'm neither here nor there with oats 
but a lot of people are crazy about them.

A crazy $6 plus $2 for postage.
This week-end only

Did i mention that if you take the pin off the back, 
soak it overnight and mash it forcefully in the morning 
it will add a distinct flavour to your breakfast?


I've been working on these for over a year now 
so it's about time that i posted some pictures of them. 

This one sold last week from the  Rose Street Market 
to a lovely girl who bought it for her mum. 
Nice to be part of that.

The piece is set into a vintage cigarette tin and closes shut.
Makes an ideal travelling art clock.

Till next.


It's not really a Friday special, 
more of a week-end special.
But still special!

First in first served at a $6 price until it isn't.

ps. credit goes to my wife thalia
 for this one! yeah sugar!