Say NO to animal racing

I've been reading about Bloggers Breakdown Syndrome. People working around the clock to keep their cyber audience in the air or wherever a cyber audience is. And like those rats in the wheel, they're just wearing their little fingers out. Rat racing is a good if somewhat worrying spectator sport but crumby to be in and not wanting to go from one rat race to another I've decided to limit my blog entries to weekly. There may be a bonus mid week entry but typically it's going to be Mondays.

This weeks burning question is,


The conventional approach

Attach a hook to the back and hang it on the wall.

Drill a hole in the top and hang it on the wall.

Drill two holes on either top corner, thread a string and hang it on the wall.

(or drill it full of holes and us it as a colander)

Four dollops of blue tack and stick it to the wall.

PVA glue it to the wall.

Sit it on a shelf, a ledge, a bureau, a table etc.

Turn it into a fridge magnet.

Attach a pin and turn it into a badge. (for the smaller pieces)

Mail it to a friend and let them handle it.

Grout it in to the bathroom.

Less conventional uses:

a mouse mat

a bookmark

a snow shoe

a Frisbee

a swimming paddle

a sun hat

a writing support

to level a wobbly café table

a bookmark

a drink coaster

a weapon


If you're the proud owner of a wooden postcard I'd love to know how you've used it.

Leave a comment or better drop me an email and send some pics and I’ll drop them into the list.