I've started up my ongoing collaborative international sign Esperanto system again.
Christmas was so busy i put it aside for a little while.

The system so far:

German, Serbian, Greek, Thai, Malay, Spanish, Korean, Swedish,
English, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian (and French not included in picture)

My theory is that there are the ten beginning words that any desperate traveller needs.
We can argue about the ten I've chosen:
  • 1. hello
  • 2. good
  • 3. yes
  • 4. no
  • 5. thank you
  • 6. go away
  • 7. please
  • 8. shit
  • 9. how much?
  • 10 good bye
People have suggested 'beer' needs to be there, and maybe 'how are you?'
I think it doesn't really matter too much.

My mission is to teach everyone in the world these ten meanings and the associated numbers.
When this is achieved we should be able to communicate with anyone on the planet just signing these 10 numbers.

Imagine rolling up at passport control and holding up one for hello, an eight when you find out your passport's expired and 10 for good-bye as you leave the airport to go home.
Four two as they say/sign!

All of the templates have been created by native speakers that I've encountered at the Rose St. Market in Fitzroy. The deal is they translate for me and add themselves to the archive and I give them one of my hand made badges and a place in the international language hall of fame.

Check out the beautiful script from Thailand.

Big thanks to all who have participated so far.

If you're in the vicinity of Fitzroy on a Saturday and can contribute,
I'd be happy to see you.


I've been working my way around to making larger pieces and finally something has arrived that I'm content with.
It's too big to be a postcard, maybe it's a placard?
It measures 41cmx41cm and it features a red goat.
I'm calling 2009 my year of the goat.
I'm not really sure what that means but please take from it what you will.


OMG it's hard to crank this writing up again when it's been a while.
Hard to shut the critical mind up,
and the big pressure of how to start this new year?
What about this?

A happy healthy loving and peaceful new year to all.