i know

Melbourne Friday 30th April 2010

i know you're thinking that
i didn't post last friday,
and that  this is a shonky blog operation.

we'll your possibly right.


the reason I've been slow in moving

is  E.H.R.

Early Hybernation Response Syndrome

I've found wearing this badge helps.

So if you suffer similiar,
fork up $10 and i'll post it to you,
anywhere in australia, iceland, finland or alaska.

hand made original
recycled timber badge
one only
very good.
before  you can't

(Hobart, Tasmania)

hup hup hup

Friday 16th of April
and another friday special

swinging kinetic hand-made original badge,
recycled timber

5cm. X 4cm.

jazz on

$12 includes postage
Australia and Galapagos islands only

first in first served

gone again to the faster finger
or flipper.


Friday April 6 2010

special friday.
know the feeling?

handcrafted two part badge.
recycled timber
2.5cm X 4cm

$15 incls postage 
australia and texas only


Good Friday 2nd of April

I wouldn't normally list a larger piece
on a Friday special but this seemed too
good to pass up.

I've been making these for a little while now.

Cross made from old English
carpenters rule and hanging off 
one meter of antique bronze ball chain.
measures 9.5 X 7.5cm.


$25 includes postage
available in australia only

make Good Friday very good.

glad this one sold!