it's been a long time.

I've had a lot to say the past six months 
but really you don't want to hear  any of it,
With a world screaming at you from all corners,
 listen to me, look at me, buy me, press me, 
what we probably need is silence. 
So I've been doing silent blog pages. 
I think it's been doing the trick because 
I've been getting silence back. 

But now the long silence is broken.

I'm going to Adelaide for a few days next week-end
 to sell my stuff as part of the Bowerbird Bazaar
If you're in Adelaide you should come. 
There's me and 99 other stalls selling mostly hand-made
 and original stuff and delicious wholesome food.

oh and they have pie floaters in Adelaide too.
see you there.
or not.