Important Test Case

I've been casually telling people that of course you can post these wooden postcards.
Just stick on a stamp and address and Australia Post will love it.
They sit in the sorting room passing it round enjoying it enormously until with a jolt they realize there's work to be done. The precious little wooden postcards goes to the top of the bag, and the postie cycles it away.

But what i haven't actually ever done is try it!

So here it goes, into the real mail tonight.

There's this show for the Melbourne fringe festival,
"Craft Exchange Salon"
by the Safari Team,
which seems pretty interesting.
I stick this in the mail and something will come back,
and then the whole thing is presented as an installation on October 2

It's going to be interesting to see how the posties behave.
I'll keep you posted.

Anyone know how to embed a wireless web cam into a postcard?

The piggies bank is back

Finally got this little beastie together.
It's been a long journey of putting it right,
but now it's right.
right on.

The two little fellows on top were the little stroke it needed
to complete.
A complete trough now.

Installed a new look faux combo lock that will of course deter any

piggies bank rear view

And he's going off to market on Saturday!!

st lukes art show

St. Lukes is an art supplies shop in Smith st. Collingwood.
They've got this huge group show they do each year.
They sell you an artist's palette and you return it treated,
and then they show and endeavor to sell.
It's fun and accessible.
I like it.

St Lukes

Opening Night October 3rd

The Modern Talisman Series

Today marked the day of the first creation of what may very well develop into our leading line:
the 'Good Luck Personal Modern Traveling Talisman TM'

For centuries cultures and civilizations have taken stock in small objects to aid people through life. Replicas of the saints, special brews in small bottles, twigs, bracelets, wax effigies etc. all held close to the body to ward off evil spirits or safeguard your distant travels.

But these hand-crafted Talismans for the Modern Age TM need to be doubly potent for these difficult and dangerous days. They incorporate something that is both ironic and not, something that is modern and post modern, something old and new and importantly something that at all times looks great.

Four hand-drilled unique holes allow the magical token to be sewn onto a jacket or undergarment. The special protective finish seals the amulet from tough weather and body sweat. Ideal for all climates and all wearers. Talismans measure 2X3cm and weigh next to nothing.

Wear it on your chest.
Sew it into your underpants.
Hide it in your shoe.
But whatever you do.....get one!
or two!
Be safe not sorry.

Salvador Dali

This is the first time I've seen video of Dali.

Now I've done it

It's taken me a while. I've been humming and haa-ing in the wings.
But now I've done it.
Put my foot well and truly into the world of internet commerce.
New World Cyber Market
I'm trying it out.
The irony of selling wooden postcards through the internet
was just too much to refuse.
Go forth and click.

Here's Hoping

I've made a couple of these.
They're made from recycled marine ply, acrylic paints,
and found object.
They measure about 30cm by 15cm.
They sit flush and sweet against the wall
or just sit on a bench or sill.

Was it listening to all this stuff about qantas's recent problems
that informed the making of these?
or was it this whole sub-prime market US debacle
and oil prices crashing through the roof?

Just a mix I reckon and a desire to return to the world
where the piggy bank was a reality, and money was a real thing.


Personalize your money collecting now!
Leave this money magnet around and see how it works!
Take it over to a friends place, casually saying,
'hey look at this cool thing'
and prop it on the table to do it's thing.
See your friends and foes palms itch with a desire to experience that drop of the coin into the slot.
Everyone wants to hear the sound it makes as it lands.

They say money begets money.
Now's your chance to purchase this original old world new world money making machine.

totally unique

everyone wants to be unique.
everyone wants everyone else to know that they are unique.
everyone is unique.
but sometimes others don't see that.

everyone is buying these unique badges/pieces now.

make it clear.
be unique.
buy something everyone else has.
be unique.
join the club.
be seen to be unique.

Spot the Artist

photo courtesy Warren Kirk

The Item of the Week.

This utterly unique bradge ( badge/brooch) offers an aesthetic charm married with a practical functionality.
Perfect for travelling, it engenders friendly curiosity and never leaves you short of something to write with.
Perfect for celebrities in that autographing throng.
Perfect for amending the shopping list or taking down tips at the track.

It is fitted with the 'sturdy dual support system TM', weighs not much more than a pencil and measures 15x4.5cm

(rear view)

This item is a unique handcrafted one-off and comes complete with the pencil, or alternatively this pencil is a unique rare found object that comes complete with it's own handy support and presentation system.

Museum guards

A side benefit of sitting around chatting to folk is what you pick up.
I learnt today that there are free tours of the NGV and Potter Gallery at Fed square.
How good is that?

I've also heard that the guards are extremely good.

Mine haven't moved for a while, but I'm not worried yet.

A bold fundraising attempt

New hanging system

Hard rubbish rained down numerous wooden venetian style blinds for a while there, so I've recycled those to create this unpatented* hanging system.

Sadly in this suburb there is no longer hard rubbish en masse. It's a big deterrent for those who love to collect and rework the goods of others but in another sense it does value rubbish more. Keep on valuing it and it no longer is rubbish. Which can only be a good thing.

Now that I've fully explained that, check out the works hanging.

finally some news

I've been puddling and scratching for a bit now and there's enough interest to open the shop and studio for people to see and buy the works. So every Saturday from 10-2pm I'll sit there and man the works, maybe share tea and chat. Come by if you're in Melbourne. Come by if you're not.

The studio is right next door to a thrifty link hardware store and just on the bend where Queens Parade becomes Smith Street. It is surprising how tricky it is to actually find. Good luck.

Say NO to animal racing

I've been reading about Bloggers Breakdown Syndrome. People working around the clock to keep their cyber audience in the air or wherever a cyber audience is. And like those rats in the wheel, they're just wearing their little fingers out. Rat racing is a good if somewhat worrying spectator sport but crumby to be in and not wanting to go from one rat race to another I've decided to limit my blog entries to weekly. There may be a bonus mid week entry but typically it's going to be Mondays.

This weeks burning question is,


The conventional approach

Attach a hook to the back and hang it on the wall.

Drill a hole in the top and hang it on the wall.

Drill two holes on either top corner, thread a string and hang it on the wall.

(or drill it full of holes and us it as a colander)

Four dollops of blue tack and stick it to the wall.

PVA glue it to the wall.

Sit it on a shelf, a ledge, a bureau, a table etc.

Turn it into a fridge magnet.

Attach a pin and turn it into a badge. (for the smaller pieces)

Mail it to a friend and let them handle it.

Grout it in to the bathroom.

Less conventional uses:

a mouse mat

a bookmark

a snow shoe

a Frisbee

a swimming paddle

a sun hat

a writing support

to level a wobbly café table

a bookmark

a drink coaster

a weapon


If you're the proud owner of a wooden postcard I'd love to know how you've used it.

Leave a comment or better drop me an email and send some pics and I’ll drop them into the list.

Final Offer of this Unique Collectors Item

This rare postcard boasts two special features.
The stunningly detailed intricate hand embossed border and the mis-spelled word.
This card suits that special man that has a boldness and a confidence and is happy to express it. Handsome, well developed, care-free and bad at spelling. Take me as I am. Warts and bad spelling. Buy it and stick it up in your local milk bar. Or at the local supermarket. Or like a sniper with one bullet, mail it direct to your target. That's what the confident man would do.
Just make sure you spell the address correctly

Deluxe Wooden Paraphernalia for Modern Living

Modern life is difficult and exhausting.There are thousands of daily decisions that need to be made. Everyone needs a hand. Everyone needs guidance, friendship and support.
And you never know when you might need it most!

That's why I've created this newest series of:


These beautifully hand-crafted
POCKET OUIJA BOARDS TM slip into most pockets and can travel with you. No need to stress over what to do next. Ouij your way through the 21st century.

TM are manually powered and require no batteries. They come in several languages and colours. They are safe around children and can operate up to a depth of 5o metres underwater. Pocket Ouija Boards TM measure 18.5X12.5cm and weigh 200-250 g's.

A New Colour Addition to the Web Emporium

Blue seems a good colour for this postcard. A turtle that has outgrown it's shell. A turtle that is being forced to move on due to circumstances beyond it's control. Is that blue? Well in the end I guess it depends what price he makes on the sale.

The perfect postcard for all those who feel challenged by the future and feel homelessness threatening. And conversely the perfect postcard for anyone moving happily on to better and bigger things.

Actually the perfect postcard for anyone.

Wooden Postcards Arrive On The Web

Through a number of strange twists and turns that is life I have ended making these small art pieces that I've called Wooden Postcards. They weren't my original ambition but things fell into place and I'm exactly in the place I should be. I love making them and presenting them and of course I hope you do too.

Navigational Equipment

For some people having the latest piece of equipment is essential.
Maybe it's related to their sense of self worth.
I know that feeling of having the latest pocket gadget and being admired as you promenade down the main street displaying it as best you can. The rotten thing is with mass produced gizmos, if it's hot it's soon to be replicated in the millions, and if it's not it's going to be soon outmoded and over-run by the next sweet thing.

Sick of feeling like a pawn in this street race?
Run yourself ragged waving your pocket device in the face of indifference?

Why not get something that no-one has or will have?
Get an original. Become unavoidably the king or queen of hip.
Get a naf-man!!

Series 1,2&3 now available.

Naf-man for the guy who thought he had everything.


Some of the pieces are a little smaller and complex to make. This handy pocket aquarium measures about 12x9cm and includes the bonus mis-spelling of maintenance. The number of uses for and advantages of this object are too many to fully list.

do you desire the constant loving presence of a pet in your life?
live in conditions that make owning a pet impossible?
do you travel a lot?
do you live in an arid region?
are you living on a tight budget?
do you want something that your neighbor doesn't?
want to be first?

Bargain price (Aus $32)
The actual fish and its position may vary from the image!
Buy it now

Old World New World Technology

I'm not sure of the exact statistics but it must be at least half the world were born with television. Such a seemingly innocent thing has had a profound effect upon civilization.
My real world tvs provide another point of view. Yours!
Point and watch. Totally free-to-air. Totally free-to-use.
Beautiful and natural surround sound.
Finally someone can truthfully say, "watch TV and experience the world".

Neil Thomas

Some other projects that I'm involved in or have been

the urban dream capsule

the blue boys


the transistor show

the museum of modern oddities
the only
o do it