Important Test Case

I've been casually telling people that of course you can post these wooden postcards.
Just stick on a stamp and address and Australia Post will love it.
They sit in the sorting room passing it round enjoying it enormously until with a jolt they realize there's work to be done. The precious little wooden postcards goes to the top of the bag, and the postie cycles it away.

But what i haven't actually ever done is try it!

So here it goes, into the real mail tonight.

There's this show for the Melbourne fringe festival,
"Craft Exchange Salon"
by the Safari Team,
which seems pretty interesting.
I stick this in the mail and something will come back,
and then the whole thing is presented as an installation on October 2

It's going to be interesting to see how the posties behave.
I'll keep you posted.

Anyone know how to embed a wireless web cam into a postcard?