Final Offer of this Unique Collectors Item

This rare postcard boasts two special features.
The stunningly detailed intricate hand embossed border and the mis-spelled word.
This card suits that special man that has a boldness and a confidence and is happy to express it. Handsome, well developed, care-free and bad at spelling. Take me as I am. Warts and bad spelling. Buy it and stick it up in your local milk bar. Or at the local supermarket. Or like a sniper with one bullet, mail it direct to your target. That's what the confident man would do.
Just make sure you spell the address correctly

Deluxe Wooden Paraphernalia for Modern Living

Modern life is difficult and exhausting.There are thousands of daily decisions that need to be made. Everyone needs a hand. Everyone needs guidance, friendship and support.
And you never know when you might need it most!

That's why I've created this newest series of:


These beautifully hand-crafted
POCKET OUIJA BOARDS TM slip into most pockets and can travel with you. No need to stress over what to do next. Ouij your way through the 21st century.

TM are manually powered and require no batteries. They come in several languages and colours. They are safe around children and can operate up to a depth of 5o metres underwater. Pocket Ouija Boards TM measure 18.5X12.5cm and weigh 200-250 g's.

A New Colour Addition to the Web Emporium

Blue seems a good colour for this postcard. A turtle that has outgrown it's shell. A turtle that is being forced to move on due to circumstances beyond it's control. Is that blue? Well in the end I guess it depends what price he makes on the sale.

The perfect postcard for all those who feel challenged by the future and feel homelessness threatening. And conversely the perfect postcard for anyone moving happily on to better and bigger things.

Actually the perfect postcard for anyone.

Wooden Postcards Arrive On The Web

Through a number of strange twists and turns that is life I have ended making these small art pieces that I've called Wooden Postcards. They weren't my original ambition but things fell into place and I'm exactly in the place I should be. I love making them and presenting them and of course I hope you do too.

Navigational Equipment

For some people having the latest piece of equipment is essential.
Maybe it's related to their sense of self worth.
I know that feeling of having the latest pocket gadget and being admired as you promenade down the main street displaying it as best you can. The rotten thing is with mass produced gizmos, if it's hot it's soon to be replicated in the millions, and if it's not it's going to be soon outmoded and over-run by the next sweet thing.

Sick of feeling like a pawn in this street race?
Run yourself ragged waving your pocket device in the face of indifference?

Why not get something that no-one has or will have?
Get an original. Become unavoidably the king or queen of hip.
Get a naf-man!!

Series 1,2&3 now available.

Naf-man for the guy who thought he had everything.


Some of the pieces are a little smaller and complex to make. This handy pocket aquarium measures about 12x9cm and includes the bonus mis-spelling of maintenance. The number of uses for and advantages of this object are too many to fully list.

do you desire the constant loving presence of a pet in your life?
live in conditions that make owning a pet impossible?
do you travel a lot?
do you live in an arid region?
are you living on a tight budget?
do you want something that your neighbor doesn't?
want to be first?

Bargain price (Aus $32)
The actual fish and its position may vary from the image!
Buy it now