Navigational Equipment

For some people having the latest piece of equipment is essential.
Maybe it's related to their sense of self worth.
I know that feeling of having the latest pocket gadget and being admired as you promenade down the main street displaying it as best you can. The rotten thing is with mass produced gizmos, if it's hot it's soon to be replicated in the millions, and if it's not it's going to be soon outmoded and over-run by the next sweet thing.

Sick of feeling like a pawn in this street race?
Run yourself ragged waving your pocket device in the face of indifference?

Why not get something that no-one has or will have?
Get an original. Become unavoidably the king or queen of hip.
Get a naf-man!!

Series 1,2&3 now available.

Naf-man for the guy who thought he had everything.