Encouraged by the continued popularity of my


(rumoured to have been endorsed by the

Country Womans Association!)

and the Tour de France commemorative bike badges,

I’ve decided in this second half of 09 to release

themed and topical suites of badges.

The first in the series will be for the

forthcoming festive occasion,

Fathers Day.

Father's Day is a tough occasion to buy for and

I'm hoping I've moved toward providing a solution.

The full suite consists of 16 badges that

should cover most gift angles and

leave a few over for further use.**

The badges are for sale as ever week-ends at the Rose St Artists Market in Fitzroy Melbourne

** naturally the badges can be used out of season, and i would encourage the user to find as many uses and excuses for displaying them.


Such great news that Rose St. Market is now open on Sundays.
It opens it up to a whole new range of customers
who couldn't make the Saturday, and a whole new bunch of new traders.
Twice as much fun can't be a bad thing.
I've been selling variously made
clocks at the market for a while now.

I love it when people creatively further my works.
My original clock in the middle was added to by the purchaser
by two other pieces to create a long wall tryptych for a long thin space.

how nice.