Important Test Case

I've been casually telling people that of course you can post these wooden postcards.
Just stick on a stamp and address and Australia Post will love it.
They sit in the sorting room passing it round enjoying it enormously until with a jolt they realize there's work to be done. The precious little wooden postcards goes to the top of the bag, and the postie cycles it away.

But what i haven't actually ever done is try it!

So here it goes, into the real mail tonight.

There's this show for the Melbourne fringe festival,
"Craft Exchange Salon"
by the Safari Team,
which seems pretty interesting.
I stick this in the mail and something will come back,
and then the whole thing is presented as an installation on October 2

It's going to be interesting to see how the posties behave.
I'll keep you posted.

Anyone know how to embed a wireless web cam into a postcard?

The piggies bank is back

Finally got this little beastie together.
It's been a long journey of putting it right,
but now it's right.
right on.

The two little fellows on top were the little stroke it needed
to complete.
A complete trough now.

Installed a new look faux combo lock that will of course deter any

piggies bank rear view

And he's going off to market on Saturday!!

st lukes art show

St. Lukes is an art supplies shop in Smith st. Collingwood.
They've got this huge group show they do each year.
They sell you an artist's palette and you return it treated,
and then they show and endeavor to sell.
It's fun and accessible.
I like it.

St Lukes

Opening Night October 3rd

The Modern Talisman Series

Today marked the day of the first creation of what may very well develop into our leading line:
the 'Good Luck Personal Modern Traveling Talisman TM'

For centuries cultures and civilizations have taken stock in small objects to aid people through life. Replicas of the saints, special brews in small bottles, twigs, bracelets, wax effigies etc. all held close to the body to ward off evil spirits or safeguard your distant travels.

But these hand-crafted Talismans for the Modern Age TM need to be doubly potent for these difficult and dangerous days. They incorporate something that is both ironic and not, something that is modern and post modern, something old and new and importantly something that at all times looks great.

Four hand-drilled unique holes allow the magical token to be sewn onto a jacket or undergarment. The special protective finish seals the amulet from tough weather and body sweat. Ideal for all climates and all wearers. Talismans measure 2X3cm and weigh next to nothing.

Wear it on your chest.
Sew it into your underpants.
Hide it in your shoe.
But whatever you do.....get one!
or two!
Be safe not sorry.

Salvador Dali

This is the first time I've seen video of Dali.