dear friends

Dear cyber- friends,
I've been neglecting you
for 6 months now.

It's all just been too much keeping up with real life.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Refresh yourselves.

I'll be back at rose street market in Fitzroy
from the 29th of January 2011


Friday 24th of June

I made this badge for Julia Gillard
to help her announce.

Took too long in the crafting
and now everyone knows. 

A souvenir of an historic occasion?
A great bit of self publicity?
or just a plain fact to wear on your chest?


handcrafted in a backyard in Melbourne
recycled timber badge


friday 18.06.10

just felt like letting you know,
that sometimes things are not all that
they seem.



friday 11.06.10

does anything more need be said?

this twin set of badges
handcrafted in a melbourne backyard
from recycled timber

$15 includes postage

available in australia and the antarctic only


Friday June 4 2010

This week-end I'm going to premiere a new section
to my Rose Street market stall.
 The mature people's badge department..
It comes with the appropriate warning on the lid.

To celebrate the grand opening 
 this weeks offering is one of those badges!

An original  hand-crafted deluxe doubly dangerous
badge made from recycled timber, 
paint and jewelery findings.

dimensions 2.5X6.5cm

you'll feel good

Thursday night the 10th of June I will be acting
as auctioneer in the second annual orphfund auction.

Last year the event raised over $10,000
 that went completely
to children in need.

check out the inspiring orphfund web site

As well as doing good
there are some really great bargains to be had.

music, bar, food, shop

Rose street artists market 
60 Rose st.  Fitzroy
7.30pm June 10

If you can't make it you can always
 get involved through the orphfund web site.

a cloudy happy friday special

behind every badge is a story

this badge ended up in the hands of a fully paid
up member of the cloud appreciation society
who came in to rose st. to check it all out.

well check out the cloud appreciation society!

 in appreciation of that

this badge,

so special

I've been collecting languages for a while at Rose St.
and waiting for the day when a signer and an artist
would come along to fill this gap.

Amazing amazing amazing.
The drawings are so beautiful.
Many thanks Liz
check her web site out

It's so precious that I haven't brought myself to paint
it over yet, but tomorrow is the deadline.

many no. fives.

and thanks to Lauren 
my market neighbor for liaising . 
Lauren has a totally delicious  

on view and up for contributions
Saturday and Sundays 
Rose st. market Fitzroy

mothers day special

7th of May 2010

everyone needs a lift.

for all the mothers.

buy this badge and get chocolate.

handcrafted original badge
recycled timber and paint
very good.
one special only

australia and the motherland only
available only to mothers and people with mothers.

happy mother's day

i know

Melbourne Friday 30th April 2010

i know you're thinking that
i didn't post last friday,
and that  this is a shonky blog operation.

we'll your possibly right.


the reason I've been slow in moving

is  E.H.R.

Early Hybernation Response Syndrome

I've found wearing this badge helps.

So if you suffer similiar,
fork up $10 and i'll post it to you,
anywhere in australia, iceland, finland or alaska.

hand made original
recycled timber badge
one only
very good.
before  you can't

(Hobart, Tasmania)

hup hup hup

Friday 16th of April
and another friday special

swinging kinetic hand-made original badge,
recycled timber

5cm. X 4cm.

jazz on

$12 includes postage
Australia and Galapagos islands only

first in first served

gone again to the faster finger
or flipper.


Friday April 6 2010

special friday.
know the feeling?

handcrafted two part badge.
recycled timber
2.5cm X 4cm

$15 incls postage 
australia and texas only


Good Friday 2nd of April

I wouldn't normally list a larger piece
on a Friday special but this seemed too
good to pass up.

I've been making these for a little while now.

Cross made from old English
carpenters rule and hanging off 
one meter of antique bronze ball chain.
measures 9.5 X 7.5cm.


$25 includes postage
available in australia only

make Good Friday very good.

glad this one sold!


Friday 26.03.10

I'm often thinking about this and
the complex surrounding issues.

a practical manifestation of the dilemna.

a very practical twin set.

wear one or both to openings.
hedge your bets.

wear them to your
local shopping centre.

fun to be had.

handmade original badges
manufactured in northern melbourne
from recycled timber

$15 incls. postage
australia and venice only


Friday 19th march 2010

I'm going to trial this one on at the rose street
market this week-end!

meantimes it's this friday's special

hand-crafted badge etc..

sold to the west.


Friday 11th of March 2010

This Fridays twin set is offered in the
spirit of cultural connection and communication
and is especially useful for mixed marriage couples.

original design hand made on recycled timber

available in Australia and New Zealand only

sold to the quuckest finger


the dreaded middle man arrives again

Friday March 5th

I recently went to one of Melbourne's many tip shops
and was not surprised to see one of Camberwell Market's 
big stall holders ferreting around amongst the goods.

But I was surprised when it was evident he worked there!
Voluntarily I'm guessing. 
Then the penny dropped. 

That is why
there is never anything good in 
tip shops or city opp shops anymore. 
It is siphoned off before it hits the stands.

I call this arrival of the dreaded middle man syndrome.

This Friday in honour of all that, 
a super special.


five! hand cut and a painted badges
each measuring approx 2.5cm square

and not to leave on a negative note
of course you can wear them 
in many other ways including

till next 


Friday 26.02.10

This week is the last week of summer!
I'm not so happy, I much prefer the hot over the cold.
I love wearing shorts, having all the doors ad windows open.

This week's end of summer commemorative  twin set 
is not only attractive but
factually correct

original design, hand-painted badges 
on recycled timber

wear them together or separately

my favourite uber cool shop 
located in the underground 
at degraves st.
was kind enough to shoot this and post it.


extending the aquatic theme

Friday 19 February

Apologies for last weeks omission.
Sometimes it's just too much.

So I'm  celebrating  my
return with a twin set of special badges.
Inspired by a
conversation last week at the market.

Wear them together.
Or separately!

Original design hand-made badges
on recycled timber

available in Australia and Venezuela

sold to the fastest finger 

regards neil

jelly fish

Friday 5th of February 2010

this weeks offering comes with a story.

A couple who looked like they'd just
stepped off a shoot for a Swedish
sporting commercial bought this badge
from me last week-end at rose st. market.

I asked him why?
They turned out to be English and had
come to Australia to do some
scuba off the Queensland coast.

He'd had the incredible bad luck of
being bitten by one those
miniature  killer irukanji jelly fish
whilst in a wet suit 20 meters down.
He had to be airlifted out and
spent two nights in intensive care.

Well he'd bounced back enough
to buy a badge that says
"i like jelly fish"...

that'll show those jelly fish...hmmmmm.

original badge hand-painted on recycled timber

once only offer
available in australia and bolivia only

please note:
 wearing this badge while swimming
will in no way protect you from jelly fish
or any other bites.


friday 29.01.10

Sometimes there is this roar of a thousand voices that
thunders in your ears, and sometimes it just seems
that there is.

Can you imagine an international day of silence?

I'd be happy to keep quiet for a day
and  kick in a dozen pendants
 like this one if
someone wants to organize it.
Let me know, meantime...

pendant hand made original
on recycled timber with
46cm antique bronze chain and matching clasp


Friday   22.01.10

To celebrate the new year,
even the new decade
 i thought this
pair of badges might come in handy.

Wear them together to confuse people,
keep one give one away,
or just alternate as you see fit.

special thanks to owen for this badge idea