jelly fish

Friday 5th of February 2010

this weeks offering comes with a story.

A couple who looked like they'd just
stepped off a shoot for a Swedish
sporting commercial bought this badge
from me last week-end at rose st. market.

I asked him why?
They turned out to be English and had
come to Australia to do some
scuba off the Queensland coast.

He'd had the incredible bad luck of
being bitten by one those
miniature  killer irukanji jelly fish
whilst in a wet suit 20 meters down.
He had to be airlifted out and
spent two nights in intensive care.

Well he'd bounced back enough
to buy a badge that says
"i like jelly fish"...

that'll show those jelly fish...hmmmmm.

original badge hand-painted on recycled timber

once only offer
available in australia and bolivia only

please note:
 wearing this badge while swimming
will in no way protect you from jelly fish
or any other bites.