I'm dangerous but fun

Friday  27th November 2009

This twin set can be worn together
or seperately depending on how you feel.

I'm dangerous, but fun.

Original badges made from recycled timber,
4.5cm length
weigh nothing
pack a punch
friday special $12 incls. postage.
paypal only
australia only
first in best dressed.


cheers neil


Friday 20.11.09

A couple of hours late this friday.
Too busy thinking about ice cream in this 37 degree day.

These original ear ear rings.
antique bronze ear ring fitting.
double sided!
left and right!

have ears in the back of your head

ear extensions.

I'm pretty excited about this weeks special.

Prompted by Melbourne's freak heat wave
last week-end,and the endless stream
of costumers wandering past my Rose St.
stall with ice creams
I've decided to get proactive this week.

I'll keep you posted on the results,
but meantime grab yourself this special

$12 for two badges and postage.
I know it's nuts.
I think the heat has affected me,
but i've got to share the joy.

Someone's going to enjoy the fruits of their badges.

cheers neil


Friday 06.11.09

This is a truly unique old world item.
It's a one off pencil badge.
The pencil is a Derwent Cumberland  No. 19 .
It still has the original owners initials KC
penned onto the end of the pencil.

It measures 8cm long so has plenty of life left in it yet.


are beautiful and functional.

ta Neil

ps. got a bunch of small old pencils that you thought were useless kicking around?
want to trade them for some 
unique hand assembled pencil badges?

Of course you do.
email me now.