I've been unresolved about how to proceed with this blog
for a while now and I'm hoping that I've turned a corner.

Qucik update on the remake.

These pages will no longer directly represent
the things that I make and sell,
primarily at the Rose St. Artists Market every weekend.
To see those you'll have to come to the market.

What this blog will consist of is images and words
that have references to my current work and I think
will more accurately reflect where i'm creatively up to.

I'm hoping it will be a lot more interesting for everyone.

You can still order things through this web site
but generally it isn't as straight forward as 
push the button, pay the price and check the post.

It's more, send an email of the 
'hey i'd like a piece of timber painted with a doo-dad and ....etc ...'  kind of thing.

ps. I've seriously got the iphoneography bug